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January 2019 and December 2019

Male-Bodysuit Undershirt Style Hipster Pearls

Body Success

Loincloth Mini Wild Orchid

Male-Bodysuit Jockey-Strap Leaves

Hemdchenbody Lycra Pink Dream

Mini Saron Butterflies

November 2018


One-Piece Jeffrey

Loincloth Butterfly, Mini

Loincloth Copacabana, Mini


Loose Homewear Shirt Lobster



October 2018


Herren Hemdchenbody Hellfire06.10:


Sarong Lobster



  • New fabric hellfire - check out our bodysuit undershirt style! ... hot like hell!


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November 2017

- we've added pictures to our homepage
-  new Body Modell Jockey Strap Style

July 2017

- New bodysuit Undershirt-Style: Lycra Anaconda. This fabric is also suitable for all other models in the Shop.

- New Mini-Sarong / Wrap-Around-Skirt: White Lace. All other fabric in the Store can also be choosen for this model except for Cotton-Lycra.

June 2017

New Fabric: Lycra Anaconda. Suitable for all models! 

December 2015

2.Skin fine is now also available in Nickel (light grey).

November 2015

Check out our new and exciting male bodysuit Thoralf! click here

4 new and exciting loin cloths have been added:
Lycra Mauritius
Lycra Tropical
Lycra Disco Inferno with glossy micro dots
Lycra Poppy Blossoms
Curious? Click here

Microfibre fine is available in black now!

Supplex and Nilo from our blackline are currently not available. We hope to receive a new shipment soon.

April 2015

Experience our new bodysuit Eros and tie it a different way every day! Be creative!
click here

March 2015

As of 31 March 2015, our Credit Card payments will not be processed by Payone anymore but by PayPal. 

January 2015

The New Year brings many new fabrics along. Our new  daviswear   B L A C K L I N E   has arrived. It is a collection of 6 black stunning high-tech fabrics that will absolutely fascinate you with their fine quality and the way they feel on your skin! To learn more about them click here.

2nd skin fine is now also available in royal blue, coffee, rusty-red, and blackberry. To see the new color chart, please click here. 

The new 2nd Skin Light from our Blackline is also available in white. 

Newly listed:
One-Piece Amsterdam Polo-Shirt-Style made from our new high-tech fabric vertigo. For details please click here.

October 2014

Our multi-colored bikini brief is back. Also available with thong back - click here.

Mai 2014

Newly listed:
- Bodysuit Jens shown in Microfiber Sensitive steel grey - click here
- Bodysuit Amore-Style in Microfiber Comfort grey/light grey - click here

April 2014 

Newly listed:
- Suspender Tights Oslo - click here
- Body Undershirt-Style Stars & More - click here
- Tie-Loincloth - click here
- Body Sporty shown in cotton-lycra sky blue - click here
- There are 3 fabulous new fabrics made from Microfiber fine in dark blue (for first exaple click here), light Ocean turquois, plus brown. Very sofisticated!

our multi-colored fabrics have been added to our color chart.

February 2014 

Newly listed:
Loin Cloth Mini, shown in new fabric Microfiber fine, royal blue - click here

January 2014 

More new fabrics - click here

October 2013 - Neuigkeiten und neu eingestelltes

New fabrics have arrived: click here
- Microfiber fine, black
- Microfiber Sensitive, light Ocean 
- Microfiber Extra Support Champagne 

September 2013 - newly listed:

New bodysuit Oriental - click here.

New exaple of our tie slip - click here.

New color: One-piece Sky Diver in cotton-lycra may green - click here.

Check out our new one-piece Amsterdam with loose turtleneck in light brown cotton-lycra - click here

We are very happy to report that we opened a new department: The Express-Department! Here you will find unique items that will be shipped within 48 hours after receipt of your order. Step by regularly to see the changing offers. Click here for your first visit!

Back on popular demand: Our Smallster Jockey Strap, click here
As requested by our customers: The Smallster now also available as Thong, click here 
Brandnew model: Male bodysuit Fabien, multi-colored and very sporty, click here
Bodysuit Hotster shown in more colors: Lace black and black-grey melange, click here

August 2013 - newly listed:

Sarongs are now available in the new short length, click here
Body contour shirts shown in more colors, click here

June 2013 - newly listed:

Male-Bodysuit Shirt-Style in Microfiber Watermelon, click here
Male-One-Piece Energy for you hot workouts, click here and here
Male-Thong Michael new color combination, red hot/black - click here
Male-Thong Michael new color combination, lemon/ink blue - click here
Male-Thong Michael new color combination, lemon/light blue - click here

May 2013 - newly listed:

Male-Hipster-Bodysuit Jef, Aruba Style - click here
New example for color combination male-bodysuit Etienne w. open back - click here
New example for Male-Bodysuit with loose turtleneck in light mint - click here
Several unisex short tops - click here
Super Mini Thong Westcoast in red lace - click here

April 2013 

Visa- and Mastercard payments can be processed now.

Austria was added to the country list.

newly listed:

Male-Sleep and Homewear-Shirt - click here

Male-Bodysuit Amore-Style in Microfiber Sensitive with beautiful surface in yellow and granit grey. A very elegant combination - click here

Male-Bodysuit with loose turtleneck in lycra chestnut with wonderful shine - click here

All payment options have been installed now, so that you can also pay with your Visa or MasterCard.

Number of listed models
So far, not all items from the old shop have been listed. They will follow in the near future, bit by bit. However, if you would like to re-order models that we have produced for you in the past and that have not been listed yet, please contact us. We will be glad to accomodate your wishes. 

After having been online with our "old shop" for 12 years, it was time for a make-over ... and here it is.

So far, not all items from the old shop have been listed. They will follow in the near future, bit by bit. However, if you would like to re-order models that we have produced for you in the past and that have not been listed yet, please contact us. We will be glad to accomodate your wishes.

Amongst many other things, the following has changed:

Please register to enjoy your very own personal administrative area where you have access to a lot of interesting features.

In the old shop the lowest possible price was displayed. Depending on which features you added, the price for your chosen item could increase, never decrease.  

The new shop shows the price for the item shown in the picture. It is possible that the item that you will put together is much lower in price than the one displayed. Your price will be calculated in accordance with the choices you make and will be shown in your shopping cart.

Color Selection
The colors are no longer displayed in a drop down menu in every item. You select them in our new color chart and type them in the appropriate area.
Why is that? Because our fabrics and colors change all the time and we will be able to keep the colors up to date for you much faster this way.

Within Germany, 2 new payment options have been added: "Sofortüberweisung" and "Giropay". For our international customers, we still offer Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and pre-payment in our account.
Payone is handling our Visa and Mastercard Payments.

Shipping options
By popular request, we also ship Hermes Packages now. Hermes delivers within Germany and to almost all EU-countries.

Search function
You can now search for items or keywords.

Slide Shows
We can display news on our home page now using slide shows.

Product Reviews
You can now evaluate our products and share your experience with other customers. At this point I would like to thank you for your many kind letters and words of praise over the past years!

Mobile devices
This shop is optimized for smart phone and tablet use. 

Data security
Instead of using 128 bit encryption, your data will be protected now using 256 bit encryption.

Wish list
You can put items for future purchases on your wishlist. However, this function will have to be improved by our provider. Unfortunately, at the moment, items on the wish list will be listed as  "not available" even though they are all available. The problem is being worked on. I think it will be resolved soon. Just know that the items are available.

You can display multiple currencies now.

The English show will now be up-to-date at all times and will display the exact same items as the German shop. Now items will go in both shops simultaneously.

There are quite a few more new features, so go ahead and explore!

Wishing you a good time while shopping with us!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (click HERE). We are here to serve you! 



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