Fabric Care Instructions

Laundering in the Washer
of lycra, lycra net, 2nd skin, cotton-lycra blend, and all microfibers

the items can be washed in the washer using a gentle cycle. It is recommended to wash them only at temperatures up to 40° C in order to protect the colors. It is advisable to turn them inside out and use mild detergents, not containing any bleaching agents. The additional use of laundering nets in which the products are protected during the washing cycle, may also be useful to protect the materials. Fabric softeners should never be used, because they will damage the fibers in the long run and cause them to wear out faster. 

Lycra should not be washed or tumbled with clothing items that have zippers or velcro in order to avoid damage.

Please note that some colors can bleed out (such as reds and colors that contain a lot of red). Therefore, sorting the laundry by colors is vitally important. Also wearing a red bodysuit on top of white leggings, for instance, can lead to stains on the white fabric especially when sweating.

of lycra, lycra net, 2.Haut, cotton lycra blend and all microfibers

Tumble drying at low temperatures is possible. Drying in direct sun light should be avoided, because colors might fade out. Particularly sensitive when exposed to light are all neon colors. 

None of our fabrics should be ironed!

WASHING by hand

If you prefer hand washing your items, please use a mild detergent, not containg any bleech. Direct contact with detergent should be avoided and no fabric softeners should be used.


If your items have been exposed to chlorine or salt water please rinse them with clear water or wash them right away.

Contact with cosmetic or sunscreen products should be avoided if possible. Items that are exposed to these products regularly will wear out faster.

Dry Cleaning is not recommended.

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